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Storybook gameboard, Spinner Card, and 4 Pawns.


  1. Decide who starts (usually the youngest).
  2. Each player selects a pawn and places it at "Start".
  3. Each player uses the spinner in turn, moving the number of spaces indicated.
  4. Beginning at "Start", each player has a choice - he may take the short, "Risky" route or the longer "Safe" route. Near the end of the track, he has another choice when he reaches the place marked "Choose your route carefully!". If he chooses the short route, he might quickly win the game. Or, he might land on one of those "Go Back to Start" spaces and be in big trouble!
  5. Only one pawn may occupy a space at the same time. If you land on an occupied space, move your pawn back to the first empty space (and disregard any instructions on it.)


First player to reach "Finish" - or beyond - is the winner!

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