The Milton the Monster Board Game is brought to us by Steven Turner. He had a copy of the game that he scanned for us so we could bring it to you. He even appears as one of the potential opponents when you start a game. keep an eye out for him, you'll know him when you see him.

You can also check out episodes of the original cartoon show on youTube.

Milton the Monster Board Game

For 2, 3 or 4 Players

Milton the Monster and his TV friends take a trip to Horror Hill. Along the path they meet some friends that help them move along but sometimes hinder their travel.


Is to be the first player to get his two playing pieces from start to Horror Hill.


  1. Each player selects two playing pieces of the same color and places them at start.
  2. The number of squares a playing piece moves is determined by spinning the Monster dial.
  3. Player with high spin goes first, other follow around clockwise.
  4. A player may move only one of his playing pieces in a turn. He must use good judgement in choosing the one that will move his piece further or hinder an opponent's piece.
  5. When a player's piece lands on a square with a picture, he must immediately move according to the information on the picture.
  6. Up to the Monster sign, two or more playing pieces may stop on the same square.
  7. After passing the Monster sign, only one playing piece may stop on a square. However, a player's own two playing pieces may occupy the same square anywhere.
  8. Double squares (two small squares together) are safe squares and any number of playing pieces may rest on these squares at one time.
  9. If a player lands on a single square occuppied by an opponent by an exact count, the opponent must go back to the next picture square, and immediately do what it says.
  10. If a player lands on the same square with an opponent by doing what it says on the picture square, the opponent must go back to the next picture square, as in rule 9.
  11. The first player to get both his playing pieces to Horror Hill, each by an exact spin, wins the game.

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