"All is not quiet in London's Cherry Tree Lane in the year 1910. The Banks children, Jane and Michael, have just lost their Nanny and are very unhappy. The next morning the wind changes and the breeze comes in from the East. Swetp in on the wind is Mary Poppins. She lands at the Banks' front door. When Mr. Banks opens the front door, he sees a young woman with a sweet face. He hires her for the children's Nanny and they are elated. Mary Poppins is gifted with the art of making people happy with her magic. She takes the children for their daily walk through the park and they meet the street entertainer, Bert. He is drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. Mary suggets that they visit all of the places in the drawings. They all pass through the countryside, ride the Merry-Go-Round, and the horses break loose from the Carousel, giving them a nice ride through the country. They all have a wonderful time. Mary Poppins has brought great happiness to the Banks and the people of Cherry Tree Lane. One day the west wind blows; Mary opens her umbrella and she is carried away. AS she sails away, she sees the Banks family and the people of Cherry Tree Lane flying kites and having a good time."

Original Instructions from the Box:

In this game the players take the parts of Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael.


The object of this game is to be the first player to get on the Carousel.


Equipment consists of one die, four playing pieces and a board.


Carefully remove the playing pieces from the printed strip and put them into the plastic stands. Each player selects a playing piece and places it on the starting space. Each player throws the die and the player with the highest number goes first.


The first player throws the die and moves his piece from the starting position the number of spaces indicated. If his piece lands on a circle that tells him to advance further, he moves his piece the additional spaces and his turn ends. The other players follow in the same manner.

Players move their pieces in a forward direction unless they land on a space that tells them to move back. If a player's piece lands on a space occupied by another piece, he moves his piece backward to the fist unoccupied space. A player must always move on his own horse or kite track.


When a player's piece lands on the space that says "Go to Carousel," he moves his piece to the space in front of the Carousel and his turn ends. A player does not have to reach the Carousle space by exact count.


When a player's piece reaches the space in front of the Carousel and it is his turn to play, he spins the Carousel and if the colored pointer on the indicator matches hs colored station, he places his piece on the Carousel and wins the game. If the player does not match the colors, he must try again on his next turn.

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