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Sumthin' To Do Cards
Cruisin Cards
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Sumthin' To Do Cards
Cruisin Cards
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Sumthin' To Do Cards
Cruisin Cards

Heeeeey...the Fonz is hangin' out at your house. Show him how cool you really are by being the first player to collect 16 cool points and light up Arnold's juke box.

Heey! It's the Fonz! Can you dig his brand-new game? It's all about being cool and scoring points for it. When you accumulate enough points on Arnold's juke box, you win the game.

See, it's like spendin' time with the Fonz - you go on dates, challenge other players to drag races, or maybe just cruise down to Arnold's. But beware, you can lose cool points as easily as you gain them. Hey, Nerd, don't get caught hangin' out at home. That would be uncool!


  • Cruisin' Cards
  • Sumthin' To Do Cards
  • Juke Box
  • 4 Pegs
  • 4 Markers
  • Playing Board
  • Die
  • Play Money


  1. Place the open board on a table.
  2. Each player selects a marker and places it on the "HOME" space of the same color on the corner of the board.
  3. Select two to act as the banker and the other to keep track of the cool points on the juke box.
  4. The four colored pegs are placed in the corresponding color spaces beside the number "1" on the juke box. Each time a player wins or loses a cool point, only his peg is moved. When a player loses cool points his peg is moved backwards. The peg is moved to "0" when the player has no cool poings.
  5. Shuffle each deck of cards and place them on the corresponding spaces on the center of the board.
  6. Each player begins the game with a $3.00 allowance, a cool point and a SUMTHIN' TO DO card.


Select a player to go first. Play then follows to the left. On your turn you will:

  1. Roll the die and move your marker, in a clockwise direction, the number of spaces shown on the die.
  2. Follow the directions for the space on which your marker lands.


Draw the top card. Some CRUISIN' cards call for immediate action. Others are kept face-up on the table and used when the time is right. Used CRUISIN' cards are returnd to the bottom of the deck.

Too lose a cool point on the juke box.

The bank pays you $5.00. Ya lucky dog.

Draw the top card and place it face-up in front of you. These cards tell you if you're "hangin' out" or "on a date". They'll cost you money later...but you'll get cool points for them. See?


When you land on any one of these white spaces you must (if you have the money and a card), turn in any one of your SUMTHIN' TO DO cards. Pay the banker the amount on the card and move your peg the number of cools shown at the bottom.

NOTE: This is the time to play one of those SCORE POINTS or STAY OUT LATE cards that you might be saving. A STAY OUT LATE card may be turned in with any SUMTHIN' TO DO card. A SCORE POINTS may be turned in only with a DATE card.

All used cards are returned to the bottom of the deck.

EXAMPLE: You land on Arnold's. You have a DATE card which costs you $2.00 to earn 2 cool points. You also have a SCORE POINTS card worth 2 cool points. You may turn in both cards, pay $2.00 to the bank and receive 4 cool points. Your peg is then moved up 4 spaces on the juke box.


It's the big race. Select an opponent. (If either of you do not want to drag, you're chicken and you lose a cool point and the other player gets one. Then the race is cancelled and both players' markers remain where they were before the race was called.) In a drag race, both players place their markers on the START space on the DRAG STRIP on the center of the board. Beginning with the challenger, both players take turns rolling the die and moving their marker along the strip. The first player over the finish line wins the race.

The WINNER gets 2 cool points on the juke box and places his marker on any space on the board except the DRAG space. He immediately follows the directions on the space where he has placed his marker.

The LOSER must go to the HEY NERD space of the winner's choice and lose 1 cool point on the juke box (unless he holds a CANCEL A NERD card).


It's cool to pass by your own home space...but it's very uncool to stop there. Each time you pass your own home, collect $3.00 allowance and a cool point. If you land on your own home you may collect only your $3.00 allowance. See, getting caught at home is uncool. When you land on another player's HOME space you must roll the die and face the consequences. If you roll 1 or 2 you lose one cool point and the owner of the space gets 1 cool point. Roll any other number and take a CRUISIN' card.

NOTE: If you land on a corner space that is not owned by a player (when playing with two or three players) you must still roll the die. If you roll a 1 or 2 you lose one cool point on the juke box. Roll any other number and take a CRUISIN' card.


You must roll the die and follow the directions for the number rolled.


The first player to collect 16 cool points and move into "The Winner" space on the juke box wins the game. The rest of you have to sit on it until the next game.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THE WINNER...the Fonz says you're really cool!

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