Right. What's all this, then?

board games

JavaScript Board Games is run and coded by Alex Green & Tim Spurling. Alex originally started the site and then Tim came along to help make it something even greater. Below you can find a FAQ Alex participated in when he founded the site.

Q: What is this website all about?

A: I'm taking old character-based board games from TV shows, Movies, and Comic Books and coding browser-playable versions of them.

Q: Why?

A: This whole thing started because I wanted to learn to code in JavaScript and I thought it would be cool to code a version of The Six Million Dollar Man Board Game for my other web site, The Six Million Dollar Blog.

Q: And?

A: I enjoyed the process so much, I followed up The Six Million Dollar Man Board Game with the Bionic Crisis Board Game. I enjoyed that so much that I checked my closet for other potential board game fodder and found The Mad Magazine Board Game. That became my third project.

Q: And?

A: As The Mad Magazine Game unfolded before me, I realized I wasn't going to want to stop there, but I didn't have an outlet to post the Mad game, let alone any other games. Thus, this site was born.

Q: And?

A: And...and that's about it.

Q: Thank you for answering our probing questions.

A: You're welcome, enjoy the site.