The Legend of the Lone Ranger Game

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Legend of the Lone Ranger Game

Each player controls a Lone Ranger, and all players share control of Tonto. Players travel to different old west areas searching for outlaws to capture. Capture outlaws to collect the reward. If an outlaw escapes, his reward increases. The winner is the player with the most total reward money after all the outlaws are captured.

On your turn, roll the single die and choose to move either your Lone Ranger pawn or the Tonto pawn. Landing in one of the areas allows you to draw a card from that area.

There are three types of cards you can discover:

  1. Law abiding citizen - returned to the bottom of the stack.
  2. Wanted poster - keep this in your hand to search for the outlaw.
  3. Outlaw - If you have the wanted poster turn him face up for capture, otherwise he goes to the bottom of the stack like a normal citizen.

As outlaws are exposed you can try to capture them by landing on a tin star space and rolling a die. If you succeed, collect the outlaw and the reward amount. If you fail the reward goes up, all of the cards are collected, shuffled and redealt, and you must try again next turn.

Legend of the Lone Ranger Game