The Hardy Boys Treasure Game

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The Hardy Boys Treasure Game

In The Hardy Boys Treasure Game, private detective Fenton Hardy has agreed to let his boys (Frank and Joe - The Hardy Boys) help search for Mr. Applegate's missing doubloons, stolen 10 years ago.

In this roll-and-move children's game, players move along a winding path picking up Gold Doubloons which will allow them to acquire extra Bags of Gold at the Water Tower before racing to the Finish Line. The goal is to be the first to reach the Finish Line with at least 1 Bag of Gold.

Game Play

On your turn, roll the die, then move your pawn that number of spaces. After the first turn, you can choose to move either forward or backward, but you can never land on an occupied space. If you can't move the full number on the die in either direction without ending on an occupied space, you forfeit your turn. If you land on a space marked Message Card, take a message card and follow its instructions.

Along the track to the Water Tower and Finish Line, you can make detours to pick up gold doubloons. You do not have to roll exactly to reach a gold doubloon space, you can end your movement on the gold space and attempt to acquire it by rolling the number next to it. If you are successful, pick up the gold. If not, you'll have to return to the main track on your next turn, then try again if you want.

When you reach the ladder to the Water Tower, you move up the ladder toward the top space marked Take Gold. You must reach the Take Gold space by exact roll. Once there you can take one Bag of Gold, plus one additional Bag for each doubloon you've collected.

Then it's back down the ladder and a race to the Finish. Once you enter the area between the Water Tower and the Finish, you can not move back out of it. Watch out for the Black Spaces. If you land on a Black Space without a Bag of Gold on it, you'll have to place one of your bags of gold on it. If, however, there is already a Bag of Gold there, you can claim that Bag of Gold.

The first player to reach the Finish, by exact count, with a Bag of Gold, wins the game.

The Hardy Boys Treasure Game